Private Sessions

I am of the mindset that yoga, especially Kundalini Yoga is best practiced in a group setting at least once a week, twice is great. When practicing Kundalini Yoga in a group setting it builds a very powerful group/community energy that is wonderful.  That being said, there are many reasons you maybe looking for one on one private sessions.  You maybe finding it difficult to make class, you would like to work on a very specific physical or emotional aspect of yourself or you would like help establishing a daily practice. You maybe facing a life challenge that you need a one on one support with. Whatever the reason, I am here to help.

Private sessions can be at your home or to my home studio.  Whatever works best for you.

Private Sessions at your home 1 hr ~ $108    2 sessions/ month ~ $190   3 sessions/month ~ $265

Private Session at my home  1 hr ~ $65   2 sessions/month~ $108   4 sessions/month ~ $180 Free initial phone consultation to discuss your needs and how I maybe able to help you.  Contact me @ 425.256.1869 or email ssagherian@gmail .com


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