Taking a chance on your intuition

There are many different experiences we have in our life that helps to shape us.  And those experiences can be very safe and repetitive, or they can be calculated and examined for months before pulling a trigger, they can be impulsive and reactive or they can be intuitive and clear.  I’ve had experiences from all the situation listed about. In this photo I used my intuition. (there are people in the raft barely hanging on)  I rafted the river with my husband and two boys up until the waterfall were we were given a choice to walk around or go over.  All three guys without hesitation wanted to go over, including my husband, which concerned me.  Myself, as soon as he said I could opt out, i thought, yep, that’s what I am doing.  The guys were so excited and I  wanted so badly to be a part of that and share in their experience.  Needless to say, I am the one who shot the picture.  Trust you gut, your intuition as it will never fail you.  If you can’t make your mind up regarding a situation within seconds…forget about it, don’t do it.


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