Changes Twists and Turns

Sat Nam,
 One of the many things I have been doing these past few days is reminding
myself to breath.  Seriously, there are times in the day when I realize that
I am holding my breath!  The lists of things to do in preparation of our
pending move (which is next week!) is getting smaller each day. But as the
list here in WA is getting smaller, a new list of things to do for setting
up our home in the Bay Area is emerging.  Keep breathing Sosie.

You all know how I feel about our life’s experiences and this move is yet
another experience I will gain bit of wisdom from.  We use the term _going
with the flow_ quite a bit.  And sometime it’s sounds somewhat passive, like
whatever, just go with it.  But I have learned these past months that it is
not that at all.  For me it has been quite an active, focused  and conscious
process.  You can either let the _flow_ ride you or you can ride it. It’s
the solid science of  Kundalini yoga / meditation which has allowed me to
connect with that _universal flow_.  It’s a very sustaining energetic flow
and I encourage you to continue your own connection with it.

As we move towards the holiday season, practice going with the flow and
experience the grace of this holy season.

Shine brightly and beautifully!  I will miss you and stay in touch.  If you
are ever in the Bay Area give a ring.

Big hugs,

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