Having a bumpy ride???

Here we are again,  “La Rentrée “.  It’s a wonderful expression the French have.  Making our way back into the busier pace the months ahead demand. Kids are heading back to school, home projects are being considered, planning ahead for holiday visitors or a getaway to visit family or heading back to your yoga classes. Whatever it is, intentions and goals are being set.   The lazy days of summer are gone and we will   re-enter slowly and gracefully into our  fast paced life.

For myself, the key word here is grace.  To get to that place of grace we first need commitment.  In life we are meant to commit. Commitment gives us character.  Character is when all our facets are under our control and we are balanced.  Character gives you dignity and divinity.  With dignity people will like and respect  you, and with divinity people will trust you. What more can you ask? Then we can move towards grace.   If you are reading this, you have been in a place of grace. We need to sit in that space of grace as our lives become more challenging.  

So if you are having a fast and bumpy ride these days. I know I am!  Hold on with all the grace you can.  Your yoga practice and coming together as a group will support you.  Taking on a daily meditation will support you.  Long deep breath 3 minutes 3 time a day will support you (and your immune system).  And if there is anything I can do, perhaps looking for a mediation to take on, etc, please don’t hesitate to connect with me.


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