the Power of Fear

Emotions can completely altar our perspective.   Yogi Bhajan would tell us “emotion causes commotion”.   I can very much appreciate what a neutral mind is capable of. We can see it in the clarity it brings Dr. Spock! But it’s the highs and lows that interest me. The lack of balance. 

I think the most powerful emotion is fear.  When it comes to a prosperous, successful and beautiful life, fear itself is the deal breaker.  I’ll fess up.  Right now, my place of fear is with my kids.  They are doing fine, but on occasion I worry. I can notice when fear grips me and I back away from it before I become a total lunatic.  But even being  conscious of that emotion, my fear affects my kids: “Does she think I can’t be productive, successful or happy”?  “Does she think something is wrong with me?”  “Is something wrong with me?”  It’s not good.  For myself, I just try to breath into it and let it go on the exhale.  Get my head out of it and just connect with my breath and trust everyone will be fine.  (That trust is another subject!)

So for today, let go of fear and replace it with a more inspiring emotion!  And practice it again tomorrow…

Many blessings,


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