Perfect Balance is here!

Spring Equinox is this Saturday.  The days leading up to and after are a perfect time for reflection. I will do my best to honestly look at what has been going on in my life and around me and plant new seeds. If I do not consciously set my intentions, set my goals, plant my seeds… makes things much harder than they need to be.   

Plug into your intuition, see what it is you need and let it come to you. This weeks celestial balance of light and dark is the perfect time to do this. Letting it come to you is not a passive posture as it still requires action. We have to be aware, pay attention so when it does come to us we can grab it! How many time have we realized a missed opportunity?  too many I fear.  Set the wheels in motion. Set our intentions/goals. Generate the thought. Organize it and boom…Deliver it  through our actions. (GOD) 
I love teaching during the equinoxes.  They are always such powerful classes.  You (and I) always leave class with warm hearts, bright smiles and a bit sweaty!   Don’t let this special time of year slip by without notice.  Come to class and plant your seeds for the upcoming months.   
Sosie ~ Hari Kirin Kaur

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