The strength of a strong foundation

Monday evening I taught a class to help us build a Foundation to Infinity. It was a great set of exercises. To able to have an experience of boundlessness and infinity is not a bad prospect. I will continue teaching this set at my other classes this week and invite you to have your own experience. The set of exercises is very doable. The meditation at the end of the set is powerful. We will chant with the mantra Har Har Mukanday. Har is the creative aspect of the creator and Mukunday is the liberating aspect of the self. Together Har Har Mukunday helps to turn challenges into gifts. The power of the mantra will help to remove fears. When we remove those fears with the protective mind still very much alive we can begin to build that Foundation to Infinity. We often talk about challenges and how they can be looked at as gifts and that our fears will only limit our potential. That’s all talk and our intellect understand that. But how do we actually practice that?? How do we experience challenges as gifts? Here we have an actual set of exercises that was given to us to help us, from a physical standpoint to release and expand! No talking involved! We will work up a nice sweat, chant a bit and become boundless.


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  1. Eden Clare O'Meara
    Mar 16, 2010 @ 10:57:28

    Love this Sosie…planting seeds in Spring…visualize…first steps for me to seeing my goals becoming real. Happy Day my far away friend! Love & Kisses from ARTful Fairy Tales


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