When the going gets tough?

There are times in life when it’s going pretty well. It’s all good, right? But we know it doesn’t stay that way and there will be another shift accompanied with it’s challenge(s). When that happens, don’t freak about but don’t’ ignore it either. This is our opportunity to demonstrate what we have learned in this life and to bring the strength of your practice into everyday life. Sat Nam~Your Truth. And remind yourself that’s it’s not all about you. Your growth will impact more people than you know!

The challenge could be related to health, job, relationships, family, fiances, you name it. It doesn’t really matter, it’s just a vehicle by which we move forward. Within all of us there is a great strength that we can access to keep up with life, not to hide from it. Life is tough for a lot of people right now. Let’s all keep up and ride it out. If things are really good, great. If things are challenging right now, great. And if you are somewhere in between that delicate but very comfortable balance, GREAT! Much love, Sosie ~ Hari Kirin Kaur This week in class we will work on achieving equilibrium: Balancing the energies in our bodies. This kriya will bring equilibrium to the entire glandular system.


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