How good are you…really?

Are we as good, as kind, as compassionate as we can be?

Are we taking the time notice both the challenges and the triumphs that we all encounter.  I believe these are the steps we take to evolve as humans.  Being conscious, aware, understanding and living the best life we can. And as we take these step in human revolution our goodness, our kindness and our compassion grows and widens!  Notice the changes and watch yourself expand.  Pushing yourself to go beyond the physical space you occupy. You may not notice it at first but I promise those around you will.
The Winter Solstice and New Year is a great time of expansion and reflection.  Taking stock and reviewing our life and the past year.  Our behavior towards people, where our goals met?  Going back and looking at our life patterns.  There are some things that we keep doing over and over again, because the repetition is comfortable, even though it may no longer benefit our growth and the graceful flow that we are seek in life.  This is a time to look back at what is no longer serving us and let it go, making room for greater and more satisfying opportunities.  Again, watching ourselves expand.

The science (and it is exactly that, a science) of Kundalini Yoga is one way by which your energy channels are opened and a beautiful clarity begins to come into your consciousness.  And you begin to know what your next steps shall be.  It is such a wonderful tool you can use to unfold a beautiful, conscious transformation. 
I am here for you, teaching Yoga in support of your continued journey into 2010. 
May all that you need come to you this New Year.



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