Most of us try our best to have this a part of our daily practice but Thanksgiving gives us an opportunity to look at things a bit more closely. Here are a few things which I’ll like to share with you, which I am grateful for. Interesting that none of it has been gained through material wealth and the accumulation of possessions. For myself, personal connections that bringing all types of experiences, from challenging to pure ecstasy is what I love most.

This Thursday my family and I will sit with friends that welcome us each year to share their Thanksgiving Day meal. When you are 3,000 miles away from your family, that’s a beautiful invitation.
I am grateful to have such wonderful new friends.

Each year (since I moved out here 4 1/2 years ago) I have a Holiday Party. This year my sweet brother will leave his family and commitments behind and fly 3,000 miles to join the party.
I am grateful that his year I will see my brother in December.

Each class I teach I can see your will, your discipline and your commitment. When you come to class you keep up beautifully. Yoga can be transforming. Bringing about the change in you brings about a change in those you touch. And for me, that what it’s all about.
I am grateful that you show up each week and commit to yourself to be great!

We practice gratitude in our yoga/meditation and those experiences bring grace into our everyday living. It’s what helps us to stay sane, keeps us balanced and allows us to have a healthy perspective in life. Making gratitude a part of your daily practice can allow some lovely subtle shifts to happen…especially as life revs up in December.


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