You can chase it or…let it come to You!

yogaIt’s time for some Green Energy Prosperity! Begin to acknowledge Flow within your life. Have a gracious openness and acceptance of your own personal truth. Allow yourself to let go of the things that no longer serve you and make room for all those wonderful opportunities that are waiting for you. Please join me tomorrow (Friday) at Village Green Yoga for one of my very favorite Kriya’s. Green Energy Prosperity! We’ll breath powerfully, sweat, chant, and deeply relax. If life has gotten too crazy and you’ve been away from class, now is the time to come back and connect with that flow that exisits in us all! I am not defining prosperity in terms of money. Though that is a component of it. I see prosperity as a shower of all the brilliant and exciting opportunities that come to us. That can certainly be in the form of currency (current~flow…) but it can also be the wealth of your relationships and the richness of your own life journey. Yogi Bhajan would say to us you can chase it, run all out to catch it. Completely exhaust yourself (which we all do!) or….you can be a beautiful, graceful and intuitive being and let it come to you. Prctice that Flow. This is not really a passive attitude. It’s actually quite active, but not exhausting! You still need to work hard but you also need to develope the intuition to see what is right before you and seize it!


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