Shhhhh..Did you hear that?

You’ve  heard it before and you have all ignored it too.  
Your day is moving along splendidly.  You are getting your work done.  Nice and smooth, nice and easy, no confrontation or conflict. You come across a moment where you need to make a decision.  Everything is making sense.  Your mind checks and cross checks to be sure and you move forward with your decision, it makes good sense.  However, for a moment, you hesitate and you begin to hear your inner voice.  Damn, just when your intellect, your mind has got it all sorted out.  You don’t have time for this!  You took all the right steps, your decision is sound.  You stick with it your decision and move on with your day.  Most of the time when this happens, you will regret the decision and wished you had listened to your intuition.  You need to trust your intuition, that inner voice, your gut…whatever you call it.  It is there to serve you. It’s very real and can be a powerful tool in your everyday life.
Yogi Bhajan said “The greatest tool you have in your life is to listen.  Why?  If you listen you will listen sensitively.  And you will be shocked at how fast you will become intuitive.”
I have been practicing Kundalini Yoga for 14 years now but life still will challenge me each and everyday.  I have to remind myself: Listen closely. Pay attention.  Slow down. When I am tuned into my intuition it is pretty wonderful.  No question about it and the bonus of no lingering doubts quite sweet.
In the upcoming weeks I will be focusing our classes with kriyas and meditations to help you tune into your intuition.  The sixth chakra, the pituitary gland.  It’ll be good, I promise.
Listen up!
Many blessing and lots of love,

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