Yoga or Exercise ~ 2 different things

chakra1Several summers ago I attended a retreat in upper state NY with Gurmuk. Each morning we had 4 AM group Sadhana and more yoga the rest of the day. Yummy vegetarian meals and company with some very bright souls. Those of you that know Gurmuk, well lets just say she has a unique way of challenging you to do things you thought never possible loving yourself for doing it!

One early morning I saw her in running cloths, I pod in hand. (I was still recovering from the early AM yoga set!) I asked her if she was seriously going for a run. She smiled and told me she runs almost daily, getting her cardio in. Gotta do it she said.

My point is this. Your gym or home workout routine is not a replacement for a yoga practice or visa versa. Two very different things but both have there benefits. Unfortunately, many here in the West feel that in order to get people in a yoga class they need to market it as exercise and they have done that very successfully, stripping yoga of its spiritual aspect. Of course Yoga is exercise and of course we sweat and yes we stretch. However, the physical aspect of yoga is only one piece of the practice.

Yoga mean union with One. The physical part of yoga is there to prepare your body for that beautiful, expansive experience. Experiencing that oneness which exists within you. All that bending, stretching, twisting, breathing and meditation is to allow you to merge yourself with the vastness of the universe.

I highly recommend it.


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