The Love Vibe…

head-shotJune could not have been any better weather wise.  Seems I’ve gotten a bit obsessed with the sun over the last 4 years or so…I can’t help it.
July started off brilliantly.  I celebrated my 50th birthday on the 3rd with an intimate groups of friends and family.  It could not have been more perfect.  My husband Robert, whose forte is not exactly throwing dinner parties did an amazing job and I love him that much more for hosting such a lovely party. 
I spent the evening with people I adore and love.  Each on of them have touched my life in a positive, loving way.  The next day I begin thinking about the company we keep, the routines we adopt and the words we speak. They all have a vibration attached to it.   And those vibrations can be both good and bad.  I know I’m not getting to woo woo with you, you know what I’m talking about.  You know when the vibe is good.  It’s moving through you and you’re feeling at home, easy, maybe even transformed.   I love it! We have to make the time and consciously surround ourselves with as much of that good energy and vibration that we can.   And if you are able to, dish out some of that good energy too. 
For those of us that are tuned in, doing our yoga and meditations…it’s right there within seconds, you know it and can feel all different vibrations, your computer,  nature, people, whatever.  It’s pretty good radar, telling you when to step into that vibe and when to walk away.  We all have it but, when you really develop it, it’s pretty cool.
Friday night was filled with the love vibe.   I highly recommend it!

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