7 Stepps to Happiness

yogaI’ve talked about happiness before, how to get there and how to sustain it. But this past weekend I truly experienced it and began to understand real happiness.

Yogi Bhajan talks simply about the 7 Steps to Happiness and I’d like to share them. The first step is Commitment. Find something you can commit to completely, without wavering. That commitment leads you to the second step, which is Character. It is your commitment that will build your character. Character guides you to step three, Dignity. I just love that word. The definition is even better: nobility or elevation of character; worthiness. Nice.

Through your dignity, step four opens to your Divinity, leading you to the fifth step, Grace. Living in a state of grace, you are blessed with a conscious mind very close to happiness that allows you to make step six, Sacrifice, a natural process. Always take care of yourself first, but be on the lookout for the good of others and how you can serve, help, sacrifice. When you sacrifice – because it’s naturally what you do – that will bring you Happiness.

I was happy when I got my shiny new car and I was happy when we went to Maui, but only for a couple days. It’s not a forever lasting happiness. Having finished my training in Portland, I was able to experience all the steps to happiness. I missed many occasions and events by traveling down to Portland one weekend a month and I was not happy about it at the time, but I held to the first step and everything fell into place from there.

So start with commitment and see where it will take you!

Much love and many blessings,
Sosie Hari Kirin


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