Ride that wave babe!

White Tantric YogaI wanted to share what a wonderful weekend I had in both Eugene and Portland. In Eugene I did a White Tantric course and in Portland visited with a dear friend and his beautiful family. It also hit 89 degrees over the weekend! I hadn’t felt that warm in a long time….Tantric, friends and hot sun… as they say, it’s all good.

The White Tantric course I participated in on Saturday was with 80 plus other yogis all dressed in white was the highlight. (It even trumped the weather!) White Tantric is very difficult to explain but if you ever have the opportunity, DO IT! My mind right now is so clear, my energy is infinite and I can hear my soul so clearly. I am so grateful to be able to embrace the highs and the lows in life. This weekend was both. Make no mistake, White Tantric can bring up a whole lot of crap. But I say bring it on! You can either ride that wave or let it ride you. I have done both and I can tell you that I highly recommended riding the wave and ride it with excellence!

Next Saturday I’ll be leading a mini 2 hour Prosperity Workshop. We’ll get a sense of not only riding that energetic wave but allowing it to flow through you. It is that flow that brings you all that you need. See more details about the workshop below.

Much love and many blessings,


May we accept all of those we love and those that challenge us; for where there at this moment, with no judgement.


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