When the Shit hits the fan!

Just when it seems like life is moving along at a fairly even pace, at least for me these days, the Universe will give you a slap in the face.

Someone close confessed their truth to me and it was not at all how they had been presenting of themselves. It shook me to my core. All that I knew of my friend was no longer. Of course it is the truth which we all seek and in the midst of all the “stuff” I was hearing, I was able to see that. By the grace of God and through my yoga practice I was able to stay as neutral and as nonreactive as possible, while at the same time fully engaging in what was happening before me and listening, really listening. It would have been far more pleasant to bury my head in the sand. But my teachers and my yoga practice has trained me otherwise.

This is what it has all come down too. Fourteen years of practicing KY…every kriya, every painful exercise and meditation, every early morning Sadhana, every workshop, teacher training and every grueling White Tantric course (Click here to know more about White Tantirc) preparing for these moments that we all face which require the utmost clarity. I was able to see trough the drama and the story and appreciate the truth my friend was sharing.

Yes, we want to be flexible. Yes, we want a strong core. Yes, we want a good workout and to sweat. Yes to ALL of that! But I am telling you that that is only a small piece of this practice. It’s a bonus that comes with this path, which is to experience Universal connection, God consciousness, You own personal Truth, who you are and what you are to become and pure love and light. Yoga means “union with one.” Making that universal connection, expanding your consciousness, loving yourself. Yes, holding a posture longer than you ever have and breathing into every cell of your being is pure bliss. But these are all just a sequence of exercises that will prepare you for when life gives you that great BIG slap on the face and you can handle it and move through it and grow with it.


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