Laugh Much?

When was the last time you laughed?  I mean a really strong belly laugh, right from the navel center.  A big laugh.  I heard about a study that says that people over the age of 15 have on average about 4 belly laughs a day.  When I heard that I thought that was pretty good!   But, oh no….it’s really not. Children before the age of 2 years old have 400 belly laughs a day!


Watch this video, it’s less than 2 minutes and it defines the belly laugh which, by the way, is a very healthy practice to take up!  Big belly laughs help to boost your immune system.   In Kundalini Yoga, Yogi Bhajan actually gave us exercises that just had you laughing from the belly for 3 minutes.  At first; you start off: Ha ha Ha, fake laughing you know…but then the whole class starts to really crack up.  It’s a great exercise and afterwards, you feel wonderful!

We all have friends that’ll make us laugh that big laugh.  I have a couple. Give them a call when you haven’t shaken that belly in awhile. 
Lots of love and light,

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