Sat Nam,

This weekend I attended a workshop on liberation. Freeing ourselves from the daily habits and the parameters which we have placed on ourselves. The definitions we have used to falsely identify ourselves with. We begin to think and ultimately believe the thoughts our mind projects, and all these illusions we have created for ourselves prevent us from seeing our authentic self and getting to where we need to get to!

Guru Singh, from LA, lead the workshop and it was very good. I always come away feeling inspired. He was talking to us about the challenges we face – especially these days – and he said something that has stuck with me: When you are walking through hell, you just keep walking. You don’t pitch a tent and hang out! Don’t stop. Keep moving. Keep up. Yes there are time when I have pitched a tent. Some people will pitch that tents for months, years or even lifetimes. You don’t need to pitch that tent.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. It’s true. It’s not suppose to be hell.

We were lead through a series of many meditations which I would love to share with you over the upcoming weeks. They were very powerful and they begin to give you the key to start working that lock, picking at it slowly. Peeling away all the fantasy, drama, life’s distractions, illusions we put in place. By opening this lock that we have imposed on ourselves, we slowly become liberated and start doing what it is you are meant to be doing. That’s one aspect of Kundalini Yoga!


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