Our President

What a wonderful day yesterday was. So bright and hopeful. I loved watching all the celebration on TV. I was filled with pride as President Obama took the oath of office for president of the USA. I always knew a black man would become president in my lifetime. But for me, President Obama’s skin color is secondary to the person he is. I never thought the day would come when we would have a president that is compassionate, and at the same time solid and grounded. A pretty powerful combination. A president with a strong intuition and clear thinking (neutral-minded) and with that he will know what needs to be done and will do it with laser like focus and accuracy. (Yogi Bhajan would be proud!) A president that speaks a truth that we can all hear and trust. A president that is a gifted leader for all the world and a man, who through his family, demonstrates the meaning of the word love for all of us to see. Ah, and that charisma, that’s what the media calls it, but it’s so much more than that.

President Obama’s aura and magnetic field is wide and bright! It’s all pretty incredible. In energetic terms, our President’s chakras are are tuned up and balanced! (I think I’m going to cry…again.)

May the potential we see in our president be seen within ourselves too.

So when he calls on us to serve, that’s what we will do. Today when I was out, I smiled at everyone and if eye contact is made, I also said good morning. I’ll serve as sub for a yoga class tonight for a friend and just keep doing what I do and a bit more. This e-mail group list is all of like mind. I know you all serve your community, friends and family. Let’s inspire those that need inspiration. Or at least give them a smile!


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