The gift of time

The weather has certainly been a challenge here in the Pacific NW for the past 2 weeks.  Getting to a yoga class and connecting to that group consciousness has been tough.  Classes are being cancelled everywhere.  And not just classes but appointments in general.  Many of us didn’t quite get their holiday shopping done.  The world cetainly dind’t come to an end.   Gifts I have ordered online have not made there way to my home yet.  ( I haven’t’ seen an Fed Ex or UPS truck in awhile.)
So do we get stressed out about “all that we have to do” or do we take this gift of time for ourselves and our families with grace and gratitude?  There you have it.  Our hands have been forced to slow down, like it or not. 
Meditate, breath deeply, listen to uplifting music, bake cookies and gift them to your neighbors. My neighbors came by yesterday smiling and wishing me a Happy Holiday.  I have to admit, I was feeling a bit of cabin fever but they lifted my spirits with their good cheer, which prompted me to bundle up and head out for a walk in the snow!  Feeling much better afterwards. 
We can’t pass this precious moment up.  Yes, our kids are driving us a bit crazy, yes, we are feeling that our schedules has been disrupted but start to look at all all from a different angle and see what happens.
Wishing everyone a happy healty and holy 2009.

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