Be the Lighthouse

I hope all of you all well on this beautiful autumn day.  It’s just fantastic. 
My neighbors has a beautiful maple tree and this AM as I was just finishing up my meditation the
sun was coming up over the tree line and when I opened my eyes and looked out the window the
sun was hitting this gorgeous tree in such a way that it appeared to be a blaze!  Pretty cool.
No I don’t think it was a message from God, maybe Moses? 
So, things getting a little crazy?  Hold on tight, things will be moving even faster in the next year and beyond.
Stay grounded and as Yogi Bhajan told us, “Be the lighthouse”.  Shine brightly so that the people that need you can find you.
Your true essence will bean out to the world.  May we all become somebody that can guide those that need us.
He also also told us to drop our personal weakness and complaints and bless yourself by the strength of your grace and commitment.
Serve others and you will be taken care of.  These are all Yogi Bhajan’s teachings.  His words inspire me.

If you are not already on this path, Kundalini Yoga is one system that can give you the tools to be that beacon of light.
The time is here.  It is now.  The world needs all of us that are awake.
Don’t forget to VOTE!


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