Recognize the Beauty of your Soul

Wow, these are incredible time which we are facing. 

There are those that will feed off our collective human energy without us consciously knowing and there are those that are able to stand by us, solid, stable and fully grounded.   We need to be able to recognize the difference, without judgment but with consciousness.  

With this consciousness we are less likely to fall prey to the panic and fear that is gripping our globe today. 

We cannot let the outside influence disturb our inner selves. 


Now is the time, more that ever to be strong, constant, disciplined. 

Ground yourself so that no matter what you are confronted with, this too shall pass.  And the confrontation will only make you stronger.


Pay attention.  Open you eyes, including your third eye, your intuition.  Recognize the beauty of your Soul and listen to it. 

Your soul speaks free of fear.

Do not fall into the patterns of depression, anxiety, compulsive spending, constant anger and self medication, to name a few.

You life is yours alone.  Your destiny is your path only.  Your happiness is your birthright.


Kundalini yoga is so much more that just holding postures and stretching.

Kundalini Yoga is the practice of Kings and Queen.  Come and sit in class to experience you regal self and the light of your soul.



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  1. Lisa Knopp
    Oct 30, 2008 @ 17:55:53

    I was recently painfully reminded of how we humans are capable of feeding off others’ goodness and gifts, in ways that may not be healthy. In our attempts to ‘do good’, there are those who will take advantage of us, test us, and see how far they can push us. Those of us who want to see the good in others can sometimes stay in unhealthy (work or relationship) situations because we are ‘putting up’ with the negatives.

    It takes courage, but there is no shame in walking away from a bad situation, just because we can ‘survive’ in it. I am not living merely to survive, but to thrive, and I hope to inspire others to replace survival consciousness with thrival consciousness (thrival? is that in the dictionary?) The silver lining may not be visible in the walking-away moment, but the gifts will come. The difficult experience of failure can be mentally and physically transformed to one of success, being true to our soul and following the light of our highest selves. Often it is the best thing for the others we leave, to experience our leaving and thereby grow their consciousness of themselves and their actions.

    When we have spent too much energy or given too much, to the point of exhaustion and grief, we need to find healthy ways to rejuvenate, give ourselves time to grieve losses if need be, and forgive ourselves. Reflect on the learning that came from the situation. There will always be something good to take away and keep with you always.


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