La rentrée

The French have a wonderful term for this time of year, la rentrée.

I recently read this in the Seattle Times:

La rentrée is a new beginning, as if the new school year provides new chances for everyone here to reform, renew, replenish and re-engage.


I just love the concept.  I’ve decided to experience my own  rentrée this month, rather than the same old January New Years resolution. I especially love the words renew, replenish and re-engage. 

These are just a few questions I have been asking myself these past few weeks.

How do I want the year to be for me?

Do I want to re-engage in a different way?  Maybe a way that can touch all that are in my life in a loving way?

How can I replenish myself so that I have the energy and grace to uplift, love and help others around me that need my help?


I challenge you to come up with our own questions and make a spectacular la rentrée in the next few months!

And the Fall Equinox on Sept 21 will be a perfect support for you to be able to harvest all your goals and dreams.

Meditation, Yoga and Exercise will give you the tools to see all your greatness!


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