Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice has come and gone and the long days and the sun energy and still very much with us.  Especially here in the Northwest.  Are you kidding me, this is what we wait almost 10 months for!  I have always loved Summer Solstice and the Summer season but having lived in the Seattle area for 3 years now I can tell you that I REALLY appreciate it now.  The summer months are spectacular here and I am grateful for them.  But in these next few days I am preparing to travel east to Cape Cod for two weeks to sit by the surf, read a pile of books and gaze out over the horizon, practice some yoga and renewing my soul.  The cross country journey can be long but once I get there I am always grateful to have found this bit of tranquil and untouched shoreline.  We head to the outer cape, Truro, MA and I’ll let you in on a little secret.  One of the most spectacular stretches of beach, Longnook Beach.  Oprah did a double photo spread of Longnook in her November issue and I though oh no…. Here’s a link to some great photos

 We shall see who shows up this summer, I guess I’m open to sharing. 

Keep practicing some yoga while I’m gone. A little breath of Fire, Spinal Flex and Sat Kriya to keep the energy moving and I’ll see you all in class when I get back!


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