Many Teachers

I’ve had many teachers in the 12 years I’ve been practicing Kundalini Yoga and they have all taught me something different which I am grateful to them all.  My first teacher Leila Joseph introduced my to Kundalini Yoga.  I had no clue but quickly caught on that this was special.  She taught one class a week in the evening and my now 16 year old son Sam, then 1 years old, insisted on nursing just as I was about to leave to the class which was just down the street.  It wasn’t working out and I stopping going to class.

It was three years later, I had move from the city to the burbs that I found Mary Roberts class.  Armen my now 13 year old was 1year old at the time and nursed quickly and was happy. Again, this class was just down the street and I would run to make the class by 7 PM.  Mary had us chant one day in class “God and me, me and God, all are One” .  Changed me forever.  This was all so new to me but I was beginning to get it!

Mary moved to Colorado and Guruatma Singh Khalsa took the class over.  Guruatma was my teacher for 10 beautiful years.  He taught me how to how to see my grace, my radiance and the adi shakti.  He taught me to see the limitless of my being.  He taught me the meaning of Yoga. He taught me how to be a teacher.  And I love him dearly for all he has taught me.

In between those wonderful teachers, I was fortunate to take many classes with Yogi Bhajan.  The master of KundaliniYoga.  Each one of his workshops and lectures I felt was directed to me.  A message for me to hear.  Yogi Bhajan said if you want to Master Kundalini Yoga, teach it.  So hear I sit, praying that I will be the teacher I hope to be.  A teacher that will elevate her students, poke them and challenge them just a bit so that they can spiritually grow. With the Grace of God, I know I will.


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