Grace of God update

I’ve been doing the Grace of God mediation for about a week now. A couple things that I’d like to share with those that have started it or are considering starting it. So, it needs to be done twice a day. (women in menopause, it’s recommended you do it 5 times a day, no joke, but we can talk about that later). Go for it first thing in the AM. Within the first hour of waking. The meditation is taking about 10 minutes, no more. That’s including sitting for a few minutes, meditating afterwards. By doing it first thing in the AM you’ve got one set down. Easy. Second time is up to you. I’m doing it around 8-9 PM. I’m not too tired at that point and can stay with the meditation within zoning out. But on the weekend, I’m going for it around 4-5 PM. In case we go out that night. I have a glass of wine, etc. As far as doing it on any empty stomach. It just make the mediation go a lot easier. Holding your breath both in and out is a lot easier with an empty stomach.

When you are doing the meditation, stay with the affirmation “I am Grace of God”. I mean really stay with it. Vibrate it. Feel it. See it. Ride it. Do whatever it takes for you to take that affirmation into every cell of your body. If you mind wanders, no big deal, come back to it. When you are sitting up for the second part of the meditation and your left hand is raised up, really concentrate on the energy of each finger as the instructions specify. It’s amazing how much energy come from those fingers. Each finger relates to specifically to our emotions, communication, positive ego, wisdom and physical health. Sitting up and focusing on these elements is my favorite part of the meditation.

E-mail me for the full meditation and I’ll e-mail to you in a pdf.

We’ll be starting as a group on May 5th. This mediation will occasionally be done in class but there is so much more to explore and so many meditations and kriya for me to teach that this specific meditation,
I’ll answer any question but you guys are doing it on your own. Sharing your experiences via a group e-mail list and or this blog.


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