Low Energy

There have been a few times when people will tell me that after class they will go home and nap.  They want to know why are they tired?  Was it the yoga they did?  It’s not so much the yoga it’s self.  It’s the awareness that your body begins to experience when practicing yoga.  And if you body needs to rest, if you’ve been on tilt speed for weeks, month and yes even years, the yogis exercises have help facilitate or force you body to rest.

So here I am today.  Low energy, pretty tired.  I exercise this AM.  Had an interesting  political chat with a friend. I thought the conversation would energize me and it did but mentally, not physically. Showered and here I still sit in my robe at, Oh My God! 1:20 PM.  What a waste I thought to myself.  Get up!   Accomplish something more today.  What have you got to be tired about…I thought to myself.  Too much thinking!! I have to do what I’ve told some of my students.  If your body needs to rest, than that what you need to do.  That is what I need to do and I am going to do it now. So if you are feeling the same.  Please listen to your body.  A few moments of rest in not going to throw the day in a tail spin. 

See you in class.


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