Taking a chance on your intuition

There are many different experiences we have in our life that helps to shape us.  And those experiences can be very safe and repetitive, or they can be calculated and examined for months before pulling a trigger, they can be impulsive and reactive or they can be intuitive and clear.  I’ve had experiences from all the situation listed about. In this photo I used my intuition. (there are people in the raft barely hanging on)  I rafted the river with my husband and two boys up until the waterfall were we were given a choice to walk around or go over.  All three guys without hesitation wanted to go over, including my husband, which concerned me.  Myself, as soon as he said I could opt out, i thought, yep, that’s what I am doing.  The guys were so excited and I  wanted so badly to be a part of that and share in their experience.  Needless to say, I am the one who shot the picture.  Trust you gut, your intuition as it will never fail you.  If you can’t make your mind up regarding a situation within seconds…forget about it, don’t do it.


A day of beautiful balance

Weather is getting better all around and spring is on our door step. This Sunday is the Vernal Equinox. A day where there is an equal balance of day and night. Take a moment on Sunday it sit in mediation, contemplation or silence and release what is no longer serving you and plant the seeds of what you would like to manifest. A day of beautiful balance.

Ready to Rock n Roll in the East Bay!

After being here for three months now I have made some wonderful connections and met some beautiful yogis!  I am trilled to be starting up my first class this Friday March 4th,  here in Walnut Creek @ the Yoga and Movement Center 10:45 am. Check out my schedule tab for exact location.  I have a feeling there is a lot more coming.  Workshops, new studios, kirtins and more.  The energy here is pretty incredible.  Wahe Guru and shine on Bay Area!

Changes Twists and Turns

Sat Nam,
 One of the many things I have been doing these past few days is reminding
myself to breath.  Seriously, there are times in the day when I realize that
I am holding my breath!  The lists of things to do in preparation of our
pending move (which is next week!) is getting smaller each day. But as the
list here in WA is getting smaller, a new list of things to do for setting
up our home in the Bay Area is emerging.  Keep breathing Sosie.

You all know how I feel about our life’s experiences and this move is yet
another experience I will gain bit of wisdom from.  We use the term _going
with the flow_ quite a bit.  And sometime it’s sounds somewhat passive, like
whatever, just go with it.  But I have learned these past months that it is
not that at all.  For me it has been quite an active, focused  and conscious
process.  You can either let the _flow_ ride you or you can ride it. It’s
the solid science of  Kundalini yoga / meditation which has allowed me to
connect with that _universal flow_.  It’s a very sustaining energetic flow
and I encourage you to continue your own connection with it.

As we move towards the holiday season, practice going with the flow and
experience the grace of this holy season.

Shine brightly and beautifully!  I will miss you and stay in touch.  If you
are ever in the Bay Area give a ring.

Big hugs,

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Having a bumpy ride???

Here we are again,  “La Rentrée “.  It’s a wonderful expression the French have.  Making our way back into the busier pace the months ahead demand. Kids are heading back to school, home projects are being considered, planning ahead for holiday visitors or a getaway to visit family or heading back to your yoga classes. Whatever it is, intentions and goals are being set.   The lazy days of summer are gone and we will   re-enter slowly and gracefully into our  fast paced life.

For myself, the key word here is grace.  To get to that place of grace we first need commitment.  In life we are meant to commit. Commitment gives us character.  Character is when all our facets are under our control and we are balanced.  Character gives you dignity and divinity.  With dignity people will like and respect  you, and with divinity people will trust you. What more can you ask? Then we can move towards grace.   If you are reading this, you have been in a place of grace. We need to sit in that space of grace as our lives become more challenging.  

So if you are having a fast and bumpy ride these days. I know I am!  Hold on with all the grace you can.  Your yoga practice and coming together as a group will support you.  Taking on a daily meditation will support you.  Long deep breath 3 minutes 3 time a day will support you (and your immune system).  And if there is anything I can do, perhaps looking for a mediation to take on, etc, please don’t hesitate to connect with me.

Where are you going?

Sometimes I will share a note from Guru Singh’s e-mails.  They are all wonderful, but, what he is saying here is all that I experience and wondering if you do to?   I love a good, lively discussion and debate, but more and more  I prefer to life through my experiences, of which I can choose.  I Hope you have an experience today that ignites you towards your destiny, your true happiness!

Much love,

Where you are actually located right now in this life is what is referred to as your fate. . . the actual conditions and consciousness and emotions and thoughts of this very accurate — yet un-progressed and un-regressed — moment.

Your destination in this life . . . the reality of who you ultimately are— who you can become through all your activated options — is referred to as your destiny.
The journey of a human life is to travel from where you are— your fate — to who you are — your destiny.

Most people consciously or unconsciously distract themselves from living in either of these locations. They are neither where they are, or who they are, but a chaotic mixture of being distracted from the actualities of fate and doubting the possibilities of destiny. All this while life — patiently and dutifully — waits on some parallel track . . . waiting for consciousness to awaken to at least one of these opportunities.

The process of destiny has forever . . . the awakening however, will take place in a single given moment . . . welcome its arrival with all your heart and with every breath. Your destination in this life . .  the reality of who you ultimately are,  who you can become through all your activated options is referred to as your destiny. The journey of a human life is to travel from where you are, your fate, to who you are — your destiny.

Guru Singh

the Power of Fear

Emotions can completely altar our perspective.   Yogi Bhajan would tell us “emotion causes commotion”.   I can very much appreciate what a neutral mind is capable of. We can see it in the clarity it brings Dr. Spock! But it’s the highs and lows that interest me. The lack of balance. 

I think the most powerful emotion is fear.  When it comes to a prosperous, successful and beautiful life, fear itself is the deal breaker.  I’ll fess up.  Right now, my place of fear is with my kids.  They are doing fine, but on occasion I worry. I can notice when fear grips me and I back away from it before I become a total lunatic.  But even being  conscious of that emotion, my fear affects my kids: “Does she think I can’t be productive, successful or happy”?  “Does she think something is wrong with me?”  “Is something wrong with me?”  It’s not good.  For myself, I just try to breath into it and let it go on the exhale.  Get my head out of it and just connect with my breath and trust everyone will be fine.  (That trust is another subject!)

So for today, let go of fear and replace it with a more inspiring emotion!  And practice it again tomorrow…

Many blessings,

White Tantric

First off I am really excited to be adding a Saturday 9:30 AM class.  We start this Saturday @ Village Green Yoga in Issaquah and this Saturdays class will be FREE! My friend Gina and I will be sharing the class.  Some weeks it will be her teaching and some it will be me!  You are going to get the best of both worlds.  Hope to see you this Saturday!
Read on if you want to know how White Tantric was…..BannerThe last few WT’s I have done have been fairly civil.  But, this one kicked my butt. It was a very very long day. 
We started off with a really nice balancing meditation for 31 minutes then were told to take a 30 minute rest. Seemed long but we were told we would need it.  That should have been a clue.  Then we did two back to back 62 minute meditations (we didn’t know they were going to be back to back) with almost no rest in between and the hand positions was fairly challenging but not horrible. During the fist 30-40 minutes my mind would not shut up.  I thought, I am doomed. Done, and it’s only the second exercise! I prayed, chanted with the other 100 + yogis and made it through.  That’s the beuty of WT.
After lunch, two more 62 minute meditations but with a short break in between, the second one being annoying as all hell.  Then baby pose for 31 minutes and ending with shavasana for 31 minutes.   Let’s just say when it was over most of us were not completely on this earth.  So we chatted, laughed, hugged and said our goodbyes which grounded us all and I hit the trail home.
Discipline is my challenge. When I complete a WT course, aside from cleaning out the subconscious mind to the point where everything gets so clear and I feel squeaky clean, it’s the victory of completing the day that can not be taken away. 
Vancouver BC, November 20th 2010, join me and see for yourself!  You now who you are…
Sosie ~ Hari Kirin Kaur

Perfect Balance is here!

Spring Equinox is this Saturday.  The days leading up to and after are a perfect time for reflection. I will do my best to honestly look at what has been going on in my life and around me and plant new seeds. If I do not consciously set my intentions, set my goals, plant my seeds…..it makes things much harder than they need to be.   

Plug into your intuition, see what it is you need and let it come to you. This weeks celestial balance of light and dark is the perfect time to do this. Letting it come to you is not a passive posture as it still requires action. We have to be aware, pay attention so when it does come to us we can grab it! How many time have we realized a missed opportunity?  too many I fear.  Set the wheels in motion. Set our intentions/goals. Generate the thought. Organize it and boom…Deliver it  through our actions. (GOD) 
I love teaching during the equinoxes.  They are always such powerful classes.  You (and I) always leave class with warm hearts, bright smiles and a bit sweaty!   Don’t let this special time of year slip by without notice.  Come to class and plant your seeds for the upcoming months.   
Sosie ~ Hari Kirin Kaur

The strength of a strong foundation

Monday evening I taught a class to help us build a Foundation to Infinity. It was a great set of exercises. To able to have an experience of boundlessness and infinity is not a bad prospect. I will continue teaching this set at my other classes this week and invite you to have your own experience. The set of exercises is very doable. The meditation at the end of the set is powerful. We will chant with the mantra Har Har Mukanday. Har is the creative aspect of the creator and Mukunday is the liberating aspect of the self. Together Har Har Mukunday helps to turn challenges into gifts. The power of the mantra will help to remove fears. When we remove those fears with the protective mind still very much alive we can begin to build that Foundation to Infinity. We often talk about challenges and how they can be looked at as gifts and that our fears will only limit our potential. That’s all talk and our intellect understand that. But how do we actually practice that?? How do we experience challenges as gifts? Here we have an actual set of exercises that was given to us to help us, from a physical standpoint to release and expand! No talking involved! We will work up a nice sweat, chant a bit and become boundless.

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